Wednesday, March 19, 2014

There is a time...

Ecclesiastes 3:4 says there is a time to weep and a time to laugh; A time to mourn and a time to dance.

We go through many hardships throughout our lives. Everybody knows this and has had to go through at least one challenging situation in their lives. Ecclesiastes 3:4 sticks out to me tonight because, yes there are times to cry, but we should never stay mourning. Following your weeping comes laughter and dancing. Nobody said it would be easy to get through the hardships that we will have to go through. Find your true friends and family that stay with you through thick and thin. These will be the people that help you get through the trials in your life. God knew that we would be facing many hard times, especially right now in the world we live in today, however He has never left our side and will never leave you. 

The Teacher and the Student:
Imagine that you are back in high school for a minute. You have a test coming up in two weeks over brand new material that you have not gone over yet. What do you do to prepare? Well, in the days coming up to your test, the teacher is constantly making sure you comprehend the needed material. They give you study guides, maps, quizzes, and anything that will help you be able to pass the test. Now the two weeks are up and it is the day of the test. You go into class, take your seat, the teacher passes out the test, and begin taking the test. What does the teacher do? They go to the back of the class, take a seat, and watch you take your test. During this time, if you do not understand a question, the teacher may come over and help re-word the question or they will sometimes reassure you that you know what you are doing and will know the correct answer. You finish the test and turn it in. If you passed, great job! If you failed, luckily your teacher would give you another chance or allow you to make up some extra points to help your grade.
Now think of this in terms of your walk with the Lord. God is the teacher and you are the student. He prepares us for the trials that we will face in life with many different resources, sometimes without us even knowing it. He gave us the Bible as our road map to use anytime we are lost. When it comes time for our test, we try to do the best we can and God is always right there whenever we need Him. Sometimes He will chose to be silent and other times he will guide us through the rough patches. Never once will He ever leave you alone. You are his child. Made in His image and made to glorify Him in all that we do.

Thank you Lord for your blessings on me. I pray that I never take you for granted and that I can continue to grow into the person you want me to be. Help me to become more like you so people can see You in everything I do. 


  1. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this! I have only known you for a short time, but I have can see how you've changed. You are a wonderful person and God's light is shining brightly through you!